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Danske Bank Podcast Kreditvärden
Danske Bank
Brand profiling through thought leadership
The Swedish credit market, and especially the corporate bond market, had grown dramatically over a number of years. An increasing number of newspaper headlines were also written about this market, which was previously not so accessible to private savers or a wider public. Danske Bank, a challenger to the four Swedish major banks and with the ambition to strengthen its position in the private market, wanted to increase understanding and interest in the important credit market and create a broader people-educating perspective on economy.
Finance issues and especially corporate bonds, the credit market and financial economy are subjects that many find difficult to address. Especially in text form. Another way to reach out, make the topic accessible,  easily digestible and engaging is to use spoken word in the form of a web-based podcast series. With initiated program leaders and interesting invited guests, the subject has much greater potential to reach its target group of clients and journalists as well as an interested public.
Initially, a program statement was prepared for Kreditvärden, which was aimed at increasing the broader understanding and interest in the credit market and thus creating a broader perspective on economy in generall.

Danske Bank Sweden’s credit analysts, Louis Landeman and Gabriel Bergin, as well as program managers for Credit Values, designed a topic catalog for the podcast including as diverse topics as the latest financial crisis, bail-in of banks, municipal finances and challenges, security policy, political science, leadership and neuroeconomics. In addition, various aspects of sustainability would also be a recurring theme in which Kreditvärden ​​would highlight everything from green bonds to more general discussions and analyzes of the ongoing climate change and its impact on the economy. The editorial work also included identifying and inviting various experts for in-depth discussions.

A website was created for the program and the launch of the Kreditvärden ​​podcast was made in connection with Louis Landeman and Gabriel Bergin releasing the book ”Corporate Bonds – From AAA to Bankruptcy” in 2014.

Still going strong
Kreditvärden have since the beginning been published with more than 100 episodes and is today one of Sweden’s 100 most popular podcasts.


Your podcast about corporate bonds, the credit market and financial economics
Kreditvärden have since the beginning been published with more than 100 episodes and is today one of Sweden’s 100 most popular podcasts. The podcast remains an important part of Danske Bank Sweden’s people-education ambition and constitutes a continuous credible source of knowledge transfer to the outside world as well as an important support for the bank’s business profiling in corporate bonds.
» A podcast is an excellent tool for creating thought leadership, especially in a complex subject area.

» Use as much internal expertise as possible, but do not underestimate the complexity of program leadership.

» Be sure to design a program statement for your podcast as well as an editorial plan, preferably with a guest list.

» Choose topics based on relevance to the listeners and present them with the right balance between factual knowledge and comprehensibility.

» Success does not come overnight. Continue to produce and publish and work in parallel with marketing.

» The equipment required to run a podcast does not have to be very expensive.

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