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Recipe book for joint success
This is how Coop Mitt showed that when they gather for a challenge, they exceed both their own and the outside world’s expectations.
2020, in many ways, was an exceptional year for Coop Mitt. With a new CEO and a new sales strategy, just under a quarter old, the covid-19 pandemic struck like a bolt from a blue sky. With many arrows, which despite an incipient recession, had begun to point upwards, the situation suddenly became doubly uncertain. Coop Mitt basically had two ways forward – either to sit still and wait for a more favorable market situation, or actively move forward on an unexplored, uncertain and adaptive path towards a changed world. Coop Mitt dared the latter and achieved perhaps its best result in over a decade.


Coop Mitt’s CEO, Meta Persdotter, and the board wanted to manifest an exceptional year in every way and a significant milestone in the company’s history. They wanted to describe the background and provide an overview of the transformation of the company, clarify the fantastic team effort that is crucial for success, point out the keys to success and at the same time show the way forward to further successful years. In a business with a large geographical spread and almost 1,500 employees in more or less self-governing units, the printed book, delivered by post to each employee, became the solution.
One cannot tell the story of a company’s success without first touching on what led to its success. The book ”Together during a different, challenging and unique year – How we at Coop Mitt managed to make a real difference in 2020” begins with a description of the solid preparatory work, the thoughts behind the decisions made and the crucial collaboration. The reader is guided further in the story through a detailed description of the keys to success in the form of willpower and courage, wit, sales focus and forward-thinking spirit that formed the basis for the transformation. Furthermore, a broader perspective on the journey is given through 16 personal interviews with board members, company management, sales managers, store managers, regional managers, owner representatives and Coop Sweden’s CEO. The book is summed up with a reasoning about Coops Mitt’s continued journey into the future in the form of a toolbox and to-do list.
“A big thank you for your fantastic commitment and implementation to Verything Communications for all the interviews and fantastic texts that have captured our year at Coop Mitt, 41all for the best creative you can work with and Streamnordic for print and binding. World class!”

Meta Persdotter, CEO Coop Mitt

Recipe book for joint success
The book ”Together during a different, challenging and unique year – How we at Coop Mitt managed to make a real difference in 2020” was given the following program statement: Coop Mitts 2020 has been a year of surprises and fantastic cohesion. We have shown that when we roll up our sleeves and gather for a challenge, we not only succeed, but exceed our and the outside world’s expectations. Together we have created a force, a drive towards progress and what you hold in your hand now is a summary of this ambition. Something of a recipe for our common success.
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Com Hem Year End Report

Mind Map

Clarifying inspirational illustrations can serve as personal and organization shared mind maps.
Com Hem Year End Report
With almost 70 pages of compressed and concrete text, Coop Mitt found an effective way to give all employees a single background image, inspire, engage and provide tools for further success at the same time. While it is a historical document to summarize the events of an exceptional year, it is a concrete toolbox for both existing and future employees. The internal cohesive value of gaining consensus and something concrete to gather around for further discussion, has proven to be as effective as inspiring.


» A business strategy can be expressed in many ways, but in order to engage and clarify in a wider circle, in-depth study with simple business-related examples and simple language is much easier to absorb.

» Digitization in all its glory, the book is still an excellent disseminator of information in a class of its own.

» Include as many functions as possible to provide a fair, recognizable and diversified image of the company as possible. All employees are part of the success.

» A major investment shows strong commitment from management and is important for both internal trust and the common driving force.

» The design is an important part of the overall experience.

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