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What makes the customer choose you? Among many driving forces, one thing stands out – the brand’s identity. Where in the eyes of customers are you on the scale clear/positive, unclear/negative? Together, we develop your roadmap, regardless of whether the journey goes from mediocre to star or from star to leader.


Game-changing brand transformation.

Coop Mitt

Recipe book for joint success.


Brand positioning through sustainable innovation.

Com Hem

Storytelling through financial reporting.

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Brand profiling through thought leadership.


The consumer panel as fuel for brand positioning, business development and public relations.

Com Hem

Crisis management in national television.

This is Verything

The name Verything comes from the idea that successful companies optimally become known for one thing they do better than anyone else. Their Verything. Being the best requires focus, dedication and skill, but also the ability to convey this to the outside world. Many are inadequate in that regard.

Verything Communications delivers broadly across the entire spectrum of communication, marketing and public relations with one main thing in mind, to push your business ahead of your competitors.

In the consumer’s choice between many alternatives, but also increasingly similar offerings, it is crucial for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors. To be preferred is about creating internal understanding, respect, acceptance and approval and then square the same feeling externally. Our philosophy is to build a whole of parts and start digging where you stand.

A company’s actions interconnect and forms a unity – the overall brand experience. Its relevance and preference, is shaped by and depends on every small detail from a customer’s journey to the way representatives emphasize themselves. It is a complex web of communicative units that each has the ability to either lift or lower the brand. Always looking at the whole, in more or less comprehensive assignments, Verything Communications assists clients to increase their business by consolidating their legitimate market position.

Business acumen | Creativity | Grit

Formulation of assignment, purpose and objectives.

Current situation | Communication environment | Target group analysis | Actor(s) analysis | Scenario(s) analysis

Communication strategy | Positioning | Message platform | Channel strategy

Concretization of bearing ideas and concepts.

Production of materials for media, owned channels, etc. | Project management | Consultant on site/coaching

Measurement and evaluation | Continuous tactics | Improvements

Four main tracks

Based on what we believe forms the prerequisite for successful modern communication combined with our mission to create brand relevance and preference by marrying communication, marketing and public relations, we have built our approach on four generally held main tracks. All of these naturally dividable into smaller or larger sub-deliverables adapted to and depending on the specific situation and conditions at hand.

b2b communication | business intelligence | Channel and content strategy | change | communication | communication planning | communication strategy | concept development | content marketing | corporate reputation | crisis  communication | digital pr | financial communications | influencer relations | internal communication | issues management | marketing communication | market research | media purchase | media relations | media training | message development | public dialogue | second opinion | sponsorship | staffing | stakeholder analysis | sustainability communications

…and, through affiliated partners a creative studio covering i.a.:

creative concepting | digital advertising | film production | graphic and visual design | infographics | packaging design | print advertising | print design and layouts | social media campaigns | web and app design and development

Digital ecosystem

Digitaly generally is the first and preferred way to connect with a company. It’s both time-saving and efficient, and consequently paramount to work flawlessly. However, ”flawless” is just a hygiene factor, stakeholders expect a fully interwoven digital ecosystem.


Message and expression

Delivered in the right way and in the right context, strong, relevant and simple messaging reinforces reputation and brand. The same goes for responding to questioning and criticism. By weighing words on golden scales, we assist our clients to perform interwoven and situational,  obvious and clear from customer service to management.

Corporate Relations

Companies have the relationships they deserve, but at the same time they deserve more, closer and better. By marrying communication, marketing and public relations, Verything supports its clients in refining the expected, whilst at the same time create a hotbed for the unexpected.

People and organization

Successful brands arise in the mix between communication, marketing and public relations. Successful communication teams arise in the mix between business acumen, creativity and grit. It is a balancing act of culture, skills, working methods and tools. We assist in building, fine-tuning and development.

Team & Partners

Bernd Schmitz

Bernd Schmitz

Founder/Senior Advisor

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41 (four one)

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